AMP UP Charlotte Program Overview

Once connected, business owners have this revelation: “I don’t have to be alone.” As a participant, you’ll be surrounded by CEOs, like you, who will become your trusted advisors. There is also an alumni group of CEOs, living around the country, for you to connect with for advice and business opportunities.
The City of Charlotte brings you the AMP UP Charlotte program, powered by Interise's award-winning StreetWise 'MBA'™ curriculum. This hands-on program provides the knowledge and know-how business owners need to create (and manage) a customized, three-year strategic growth plan.
Prepare for opportunities with government and anchor institutions, and learn from experts in the field of both public and private lending. Preparation for contracting success is a unique feature of the StreetWise 'MBA'™
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2018 National Program Results
Based on 2017 Assessment Data, collected by Interise

  • 70% of alumni businesses increased or maintained their annual revenues, with an average annual revenue growth of 51%. 
  • 80% of alumni businesses reported being profitable. 
  • $863 million in government contracting secured by alumni businesses. 
  • 63% of alumni CEOs stay connected to fellow participants, with 26% doing business with each other. 
  • 70% of alumni businesses added or retained jobs.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Ethnic minority business owner with 51% or greater ownership of the business
  • $175,000+ in annual revenues 
  • One other employee besides the owner(s) 
  • Been in business for at least 2 years

Accelerate. Motivate. Propel.

View our eligibility requirements below.


Applications due by Friday March 15th


"This program is challenging and rewarding, where you can see the instant changes as you apply the techniques and skills that are taught in every class. You can visually and physically see the changes immediately, which is "Impressive", and makes you realize you are in the right place to help see your goals become a reality.”
“The cobbler's kids have no shoes. Sometimes we put the needs of our businesses lower on the totem pole because of the amount of work we do for our clients and other responsibilities.  I knew there would be a level of accountability, restructuring and strategic planning required of me in this program that I could not escape. The timing is perfect, and I'm eager to perfect my growth plan with the guidance of the curriculum, our amazing instructor, and the support of my classmates.”

Dr. LaTanya Bowman
Charlotte '18

Discovery Chiropractic 
& Wellness Center

Tya Bolton
Charlotte '18

Divinity Affairs



The City of Charlotte is launching the second AMP Up! Charlotte cohort in partnership with the Charlotte Douglas Airport to prepare minority business owners for contracting opportunities with the Airport and other anchor institutions. The City of Charlotte is growing and expanding every day and so is our Airport. With all of the current and future planned expansions and renovations, CLT Airport provides many great opportunities for small, minority and women-owned businesses in the Charlotte area.

The Airport continues to build for the future through the Destination CLT expansion project. Click here to learn about doing business with the CLT Airport. Participating in the AMP UP Charlotte program does not guarantee a contracting opportunity with the City of Charlotte or CLT Airport.